Belfast Jet2 A flight bound for Gran Canaria was forced to divert to Manchester after an accident on board the plane involving a “broken passenger”

LS371 flight from Belfast International To Las Palmas on Sunday afternoon, he was instead forced to land temporarily in Manchester after an accident after takeoff.

In a statement to Belfast Live, an airline spokesperson said: “Flight LS371 has been diverted from Belfast International to Gran Canaria to Manchester due to disturbed passenger behavior.

“We apologize to customers for any inconvenience that may occur, but as a family-friendly airline, we will not tolerate such behavior. We will have customers on their way as soon as possible.”

The flight was scheduled to arrive in Gran Canaria in the afternoon at 14.15 but the estimated time of arrival is now 20.42 tonight.

They added in an update on their website: “Due to an on-board accident involving a disrupted passenger, Flight LS371 Belfast has been diverted to Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) to Manchester Airport.

“This is an unscheduled change, so we are doing our best to minimize any disruption to your next trip. Thanks in advance for your understanding and patience during this time – we’ll get you on your way as quickly as possible.”

The flight is now scheduled to depart from Manchester at 4 pm this afternoon.