Jasina was a guest on “Siódma9” Morning, where he was asked about talks about the crisis at the Polish-Belarus border, which he had, among other things, by German Chancellor Angela Merkel or European Commission President Ursul von der Leyen who is currently visiting Washington.

Merkel and Putin conversation

The speaker is highly critical Merkel and Putin talkswhich took place without the knowledge of the Polish side.

We are present in the conversations about our borders, but not in every one. Angela Merkel should contact Poland first. You should not talk to Putin over the head of the Polish state – says Łukasz Jasina. – Ursula von der Leyen represents the European Union, so she is more connected with her conversation with Washington. This means, however, that we have very strong support, but sometimes there are no consultations with us – the “seventh” morning guest indicates.

In the course of events on the border with Belarus, Łukasz Jasina admitted that some measures are beginning to bear fruit, but you should be extremely careful here and be safe from regret.

– This situation will not end soon, because we are still at the border of the partner that we had so far. And the State Department spokesperson assures us that we will be constantly accompanied by its irrationality and its attempts to break stability in Europe at any cost.

Restriction of transportation to Belarus

The interviewee for the “Seventh9” Morning newspaper says talks are underway with partners in the Middle East to restrict air transport to Belarus.

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– Reducing transport through Turkey will reduce the flow of migrants for a few days, because it is not easy to organize new transport channels. The Belarusian authorities and tourism agencies acting on their behalf have been regulating the former for a long time. Istanbul Airport is one of the biggest hubs for airlines and works very well as a transportation point. However, for a willing person there is nothing difficult – Łukasz Jasina claims.

The spokesperson admitted that the problem at the Polish-Belarus border at present is largely an international one, and that the Polish services pass the exam in terms of border security, so there is no need yet to apply for support from Frontex, which is closely following the situation anyway.

UK support

Minister of National Defense Inform Marius BucsachtakThat reconnaissance began before the support of British engineering forces.

On Friday, Błaszczak wrote on Twitter: “Our soldiers will cooperate in strengthening the fence on the Polish-Belarusian border. After the survey is over, we will inform you of the details.”

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