The island is crescent-shaped and has a diameter of about 1 . How many. Appeared in connection with the eruption of an underwater volcano about 50 How many South Iwoto Island in the Pacific Ocean, says “Watchman”.

The volcanic eruption has continued since Friday. The Japan Meteorological Agency has issued warnings about escaping smoke and ash. Lava dust floated on the water for a radius of 60 km to the northwest.

Kyodo News reported that the island could be added to Japanese territory if it is recognized as a naturally formed piece of land according to international standards.

New islands appeared in this area of ​​the ocean earlier includingin a. in 1904, 1914 and 1986, but later sank due to erosion from waves and ocean currents.

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Stromboli volcano eruption. new registration

For now, this island is likely to be flooded as well. According to experts, a lot will depend on what it was made of. The ash and other fragments are unlikely to withstand the ongoing wave effect, but ongoing volcanic activity can produce lava flows that will eventually form a more solid crust.

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