boatThe one that sustained damage was recorded in Panama and was sailing from Thailand. The timber was transported on board. On Wednesday morning, the bulk carrier ran aground Harbor Hashinohe in Aomori Prefecture in the north Japan.

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The launch of the Japanese submarine Taigei. “Battery powered submarine like in a smartphone”

Japan. The ship’s crew was rescued. 21 people were evacuated by helicopter

After the ship “Crimson Polaris” ran aground, the crew tried to move it, which proved impossible. So the anchor was dropped. There were cracks in the hull of the ship, and therefore on Thursday morning the ship broke into two parts near the stern, that is, the stern of the ship. A total of 21 national crew members chin He wrote that the Philippines was evacuated from the ship by helicopter Everyone is safe. However, a fracture in the stern caused the oil to spill into the sea.

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The photo provided by the Coast Guard shows that the ship splits in two and the stern of it sinks. Other photos also show the spot on the sea’s surface.

Japan. Crimson Polaris Oil Leak Controlled

The Coast Guard said the oil spill had been controlled and had not reached shore. In the sea, there was a visible spot with a length of 5.1 How many It is about one kilometer wide. But he writes nevertheless, patrol boats have taken restrictive measures Reuters. “Both parts of the ship have not moved and are being closely monitored,” a Coast Guard spokesman said.

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Orcas (illustration)Spain. Orcs are attacking the boats. The authorities have imposed restrictions on shipping