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Jan Tomaszowski

The platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II is celebrated in the United Kingdom. The king has been ruling for 70 years, and celebrations for the occasion are held all over the world. Poland is no exception, and the British Embassy organized a special party attended by, among others, Jan Tomaszowski! “The Man Who Stopped England” took his daughter and TV partner Alexandre Sikora with him. Soon the souvenir photos spread on the Internet and were a huge success.

70 years of rule spoke for the first time in the history of the United Kingdom. Elizabeth II is virtually indestructible, but the Queen’s presence during many of the ceremonies is uncertain. Health does not allow her to stand, and the queen herself categorically refuses to show herself in public in a wheelchair. Etiquette requires her to stand up, which is not so simple at her age. However, all of Great Britain enjoys the historic jubilee and supports its beloved queen. British festivities are also held at diplomatic missions around the world. The British Embassy in Poland organized a special celebration on May 31, among others, Jan Tomaszowski!

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Tomaszewski and his daughter were great at the party. Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

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On the same day, the legendary goalkeeper of the Polish national team was a guest of the “Super Express” during a special live call. Before the matches of June, Biao Zironic, assessed their chances, and in strong words settled with Robert Lewandowski. The captain has directly admitted that his adventure with Bayern Munich is over and he would do anything to change the club. The 74-year-old does not like the approach of “Loy”, and after criticizing the striker he went to the ceremonial reception. At the British Embassy he was accompanied by his daughter and her television partner.

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Małgorzata Tomaszewska recently celebrated the third anniversary of the collaboration with Alexander Sikora as the official husband of the “A Question for Breakfast” programme. Viewers have been speculating for a long time whether their professional relationship turned out to be something more, and going to the platinum jubilee of Elizabeth II sparked those considerations once again. What is certain, however, is that “The Man Who Stopped England” had a wonderful time with his daughter and was one of the valued guests. He was once again respected for his legendary performance in 1973 at Wembley.