Earlier this month, a report from Hollywood claimed that Tom Hardy had actually been cast as James Bond over the summer. Daniel Craig will retire when No Time To Die finally arrives in theaters, but the race to replace it has been raging since SPECTER’s 2016 release. Cavell himself came close to clinching the role when he was only 22 years old and made it to the last two before being kicked off by Craig. At 27 years old, the star is now the perfect age to play a British spy, with major action roles under his belt – and it has just been revealed that he has high hopes this time.

Cavill established his physical work credentials through his muscular performance as Superman followed by his 2018 appearance in Mission Impossible Fallout. He has also played a smooth and cute secret agent in The Man From Uncle Jay Ritchie.

The British star also defied expectations (and revealed his geek credentials) by taking the lead on Netflix’s fantasy show The Witcher. Once again, he played a ruthless and relentless manly action hero.

And when asked this week about taking on the role of James Bond, he said, “At this point, everything is in the air.”

This completely ruins reports that Hardy did indeed have a role in the bag and that Cavill also boosted his hopes of becoming the next 007.

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Cavell said:We’ll see what happens. But yeah, I’d like to play Bond, it’d be very exciting.

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If Barbara (Broccoli, Bond’s lead producer) and Mike (Bond co-producer Michael J Wilson) are interested in that, I’d definitely jump at this opportunity. “

The fact that on a first-name basis with both, it actually reveals his closeness to Bond franchise and his ongoing plans.

Fans should also be super enthusiastic with “We’ll see what happens”. Cavill is adept at subtext.

His comments about returning to Superman in the same interview are very similar.

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DC and comic book fans were thrilled when Warner Bros. finally confirmed that a four-hour expansion for Justice League was on the way next year, led by Zack Snyder.

Snyder withdrew from the project due to personal problems and Joss Whedon was brought in to terminate it. The big changes he made to the film’s original plans angered fans and they were blamed for the disappointing box office performance.

For years, fans have been releasing the “Snyder Cut” campaign which will now be a four-part mini-series on HBO Max.

Cavill will disappoint fans by admitting he’s not directly involved:They do their own business there, as they compile the movie from the footage they shot. I have not been in contact with them about this. “

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