In March, the Polish U-21 national team played two competitive matches in Spain – they may have won with Saudi Arabia, but they surrendered to Austria. In an interview with Lech Pozna’s official website, both meetings were evaluated by Jakub Kamiński, who was appointed by Maciej Stolarczyk.

The player “Kolejorz” played a swing in a group that assumed a game of three defenders. As he admitted, he feels very comfortable in the position.

It’s perfect for me because I can run a lot, I’m well prepared quickly, and in that setting I can use it. With each subsequent match with such tactics you will look better and better – He rated Kamiński in an interview with Lech Official Website.

Saudi Arabia did not put the obstacle high for us, it was a match to check out the squad with three defenders, and how it works with new players. In the second game we lost after two splinters in the group and our disinterest in defense, but it was a valuable lesson for us. Austria is a similar competitor, having been drawn from the same basket for the European Championship qualifying rounds. – added.

I feel good physically, football is looking better and better, but I need more matches for my high leanings to come back. I can see from the guys that they worked hard when we were in the window. This is a feature, which we also have to translate into future matches, starting in Krakow – Been completed.