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On my first day on the job, I apply my makeup, sit down, turn around, and next to…Samuel L. Jackson. So far, I’ve only seen him on screen – recalls Jacek Jagódka, a Hollywood acrobatic hero from Stalowa Wola who lives in London.

A basketball player, actor and businessman from Stalowa Wola was a guest at a special screening of “Wiking” that took place at the Zorza Cinema in Rzeszów. He told viewers about his career, his beginnings, and the greatest challenges of working with film names in Hollywood.

I started with a game of basketball

Jacek Jagódka moved to Great Britain 15 years ago to continue his football career there. How did he end up in the movie?

– Everything happened basically by chance – he said in Aurora. – One day a production company called my team and asked which guys they would play an extra role – Roman soldiers in Kevin MacDonald’s ‘Ninth Legion’.

He applied for representation and was hired. On the set, he met businessmen who told about which school you would graduate from in order to get into their ranks. They actively encouraged him. Learning takes about four years. During this time, out of 12 specialties, you need to choose 6 and pass the exams. These include car and horse riding, diving, tower jumping, martial arts, climbing, gymnastics, and swimming. Registered skills are checked by a special commission. If all is well, you will get your page in the stunts book and on the app. – Producers and move coordinators can see what we look like, what our tendencies are and compare them. Mostly people think that business people do repeat actors. Yes, they repeat, but we are included in all the action scenes when an actor shoots someone, kills someone, fights, lifts, pushes, or knocks someone.

How do you go from Podkarpacie to the wonderful world of movies? – In addition to competence, the foundation is a good knowledge and fluency of English. The acrobat must understand what is expected of him and react quickly.

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