– When I moved to the UK to play basketball, a production company called my team and asked if they had basketball players over 190cm tall because they needed them to be actors in the movie. This is how it started – Jacek Jagódka summoned a few days ago in an interview with the “Dzień Dobry tvn” reporter. Adding that the road to being a full-time businessman has not been an easy one. I had to master tower jumping, swimming, martial arts, horseback riding, climbing and diving. It took me a while, but it worked out and I finally got my first on at “Tarzan” – remembers Jacek Jagódka, former basketball player for “Stalówka” on the show. He has been on a vegan diet for eight years, and has participated as a businessman or actor in dozens of films and TV movies, such as “Tarzan” (in Risky Scenes, he replaces Alexander Skarsgard, “Star Wars” and “Specter” (a James Bond movie) “Jurassic Word”, “Game of Thrones”, “The Witcher”, “Wonder Woman 1984”, “Jason Bourne”, “Superman” and “Transformers”.

Pictured is Jacek Jagódka during his game in Stal Stalowa Wola (2003).

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