For a while it seemed that this battle might not happen at all. Usyka’s career was cut shortBecause the Ukrainian is back in his homeland who was attacked by Russia to defend his homeland, but it looks like he will be out in the ring again this year.

But Usyk recently announced that he had obtained the approval of the Ukrainian authorities and left Ukraine to resume preparations for the fight against Joshua. Vladimir and Vitali Klitschko gave him a special “blessing”. So the boxer returned to training, and now the journalists are revealing the details of the big rematch with Joshua.

The Daily Mail reports that the battle will take place in Saudi Arabia at the end of June. Originally he was talking about London, however Petrodollars “speak”. The country wants to save its image after the recent scandal surrounding the Formula 1 Grand Prix, in which bombs fell right next to the track, endangering drivers and teams.

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According to British reporters, the Saudis want Putting £120m into the fight. Possible date by June 26.

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