Trump surprised millions Tuesday night when the Village People’s YMCA team began playing at the end of the Pennsylvania Rally. He started playing music shortly after telling those infected with the Coronavirus that he had “felt their pain” and claimed that he was “immune” from the virus.

The president made some sudden moves onstage in Jonestown as he ended his second election campaign in a four-day period in hospital.

Trump told the cheering crowd that he would “make America safe again” and “make America great again” before the classic Village People band began playing.

Then Mr.Trump got off to a dance that quickly went viral.

The US President was broadcast bobbing his knees and pumping air along a tune.

Several social media users shared clips of themselves praising the movements.

“Everyone does Trump,” wrote a social media post over a clip of them dancing alongside the president.

In response to a post shared on social media, Ivanka Trump simply wrote, “Love it!”

Even so, Trump’s moves may not be very popular in the UK.

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The US president sparked outrage in Scotland after local authorities gave the green light to build a proposed new golf course.

The president of the United States is unlikely to be warmly received by environmentalists, with many talking about the environmental impact of the plans.

Even a number of Scottish residents have taken to Twitter to oppose the plans.

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A man tweeted: “Just to let you know that Trombie Scotland and its people will not welcome you. You are hated in Scotland.

The new course is called the MacLeod Golf Course.

The course is named after Donald Trump’s mother Mary Ann McLeod.

On Friday, board members deemed the site’s plans acceptable.

The course was approved despite the objections of the Scottish natural heritage and the locals.