Massive highway emotions await us this weekend. Lots of racing awaits in Pardubice for three days of fans. The start is already on Friday – the final of the Junior World Singles Championship.

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Jacob Mikoviak

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The first weekend of October is the time for a weekend on the traditional highway in Pardubice. It will open with the third final of the Junior World Singles Championships. For years, the best youngsters in the world have been chosen in the Czech Republic.

After two tournaments, Jakub Miśkowiak was at the forefront of the ratings. He has a two point advantage over the second Mads Hansen. The Dane and the Pole won the finals in Stralsund and Krosno, respectively.

Victor Lamparte, second pole, loses eight “points” to the leader. It seems that the three mentioned above will share the medals among themselves. Miśkowiak has a chance to be the second representative of his family, the first being his uncle Robert Mikoviak, with the gold medal at the Junior World Championships.

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Mateusz Schwednecki will also sing in Pardubice. On Friday afternoon (competition begins at 5:00 p.m.), fans will watch 23 races.

Fans will receive their next batch of sentiment on Saturday. On the track in Pardubice, a junior championship for Zlata Stuha will take place with the participation of Świdnicki and Wiktor Jasiński. Poland will also have its representative in Saturday’s second competition – the final of the Flat Track World Championships. ukasz Bujniewicz will participate.

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Sunday is the time for Zlata Prilba. In the four-hour competition, motorcycle enthusiasts will watch 32 races. Motorcyclists will compete on the track six times. Jason Doyle defends the title. The Australian has a chance to go down in history and win the tournament for the fourth time in a row.

Four Polish actors will try to interrupt his streak of luck. Ron Holt has already tasted the victory of Zlata Prilepa. Bartosz Smektaa, Jakub Jamróg and Patryk Dudek will be able to enter the list of winners.

Starting list for the 3rd IMŚJ Final, Friday – hours. 17:00:

Mads Hansen (Denmark), Lukas Baumann (Germany), Alexander Wenten (Sweden), Matthew Gilmore (Australia), Peter Chloeback (Czech Republic), Drew Kemp (UK), Jacob Mikowiak (Poland), Stephen Jurett (France) ), Marko Luiszyn (Ukraine), Daniel Klima (Czech Republic), Frances Gusts (Latvia), Daniel Kudinsky (Latvia), Mateusz Schwednici (Poland), Viktor Lambar (Poland), Jan Kvich (Czech Republic), Norek Bludorn (Germany), Daniel Silhan (Czech Republic), Pavel Kochar (Czech Republic)

Occupying the Golden Ribbon Saturday – the hour. 13:00:

Daniel Klima (Czech Republic), Lukas Baumann (Germany), Mateusz Schwednicki (Poland), Kyle Bekele (Great Britain), Miran Brasnik (Slovenia), Stephen Jurit (France), Peter Kloback (Czech Republic), Marko Luiszen (Ukraine), Leon Flint (Great Britain), Rikards Ansvesolis (Latvia), Anke Gremic (Slovenia), Sebastian Kosler (Austria), Daniel Silhan (Czech Republic), Viktor Jasinski (Poland), Mika Meyer (Netherlands) Jan Geneczek (Czech Republic), Alexander Wenten (Sweden), Mario Niedermayer (Germany)

Occupation of the Golden Helmet Sunday – hours. 12:30
Jason Doyle (Australia), Max Frick (Australia), Chris Holder (Australia), Jack Holder (Australia), Brady Kurtz (Australia), Daniel Gabbmayer (Austria), Lacey Pierre (Denmark), Nils Christian Iversen (Denmark), Anders . Thomsen (Denmark), Timo Lahti (Finland), Adam Ellis (UK), Max Dilger (Germany), Lucas Finhagé (Germany), Kevin Wilbert (Germany), Norbert Magusi (Hungary), Paco Castagna (Italy), Nicholas Vicenten (Italy), Francis Gusts (Latvia), Patrick Dudek (Poland), Ron Holta (Poland), Jakob Gamrog (Poland), Bartosz Smecta (Poland), Dennis Stoise (Slovenia), Mate Zagar (Slovenia), Pontus Aspgreen (Sweden). ), Luke Becker (USA), Stephen Jurett (France), Joseph Frank (Czech Republic), Peter Chloeback (Czech Republic), Daniel Klima (Czech Republic), Ondrej Smetana (Czech Republic)​ ​, Heinek Steschauer (Czech Republic), Jaroslav Petrac (Czech Republic)

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