The latest vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and border protection systems can be seen at Depułtycze Królewskie near Chełm, where the border protection exhibition was held. Apart from the border guards, other security services were provided on the eastern border of the European Union in the same Lubelsky district.

– The exhibition is an opportunity to show from the inside what our business looks like and how important its development and progress are – says Nadcom. Marzina Semenyuk of the Chamber of Tax Administration in Lublin. – On the one hand, they serve the meeting of experts who exchange experiences. This is the painting part. On the other hand, we have the opportunity to observe various modern solutions, such as IT solutions. We have car and baggage scanners at all road border crossings, but we also have to move forward. These devices require updating every few years. It is a great opportunity to observe technological innovations – he adds.

look at the pictures: Border Protection Exhibition “Borders 2021”

– The Bug River Border Guard unit serves to protect the state border in Lubelskie County — says Lieutenant Dariush Sienicki, press spokesperson for the Bug River Border Guard unit commander. – Here we are on the border of two countries: Ukraine and Belarus. Most of the border runs along the border river Bug. These are inaccessible wilderness areas. Bedbugs are an unregulated river, so it overflows frequently in spring or winter. Therefore, the service here is not the easiest. We mainly have off-road vehicles, but we also have ATVs, motorcycles and aircraft, including a helicopter – as stated by Lieutenant Seneke.

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Among other things, the quad bike was presented at the exhibition. – It’s a very high-powered electric vehicle, which replaces the combustion quads – says Mr. Tadeus. – He will go anywhere, quietly, undetected. The patent is the suspension, because the wheels can move relative to each other by 50 cm. He will pass without difficulty over a great stone, the trunk of a tree. without having to go down. If it is impossible to pass, you lift it with one handle, walk on it and continue. He adds that it can be folded and transported in the trunk of a regular car.

– The main element of border security is a trained person, but what supports the border guards is a whole set of equipment. Starting with drones, through night vision devices, through various sensors that strengthen human eyesight several times and the possibility of human verification of a certain space – says the Professor. Arkadiusz Tofil, Dean of the State Higher Vocational School in Chełm.

– I deal with the operation of drones – says Lieutenant Krzysztof Garzinovsky of the Border Patrol Unit at Bug River. – There are quads and airframes in the border guards. Our most advanced drone is a powered glider. The wingspan is 3.6 meters, the length is 7.8 meters, and it weighs 11 kilograms. It has a thermal imaging camera and daylight. When it comes to small drones, when we have to stop a certain person, we launch such a drone, for example, a building and watch if it escapes – explains Lieutenant Jarzinovsky.

– We offer a mobile anti-drone center – says Zygmunt Trzaskowski, which deals with security systems for defense. – We have a 10-meter automatic mast installed on the Mercedes Sprinter and radars installed at this height. They monitor the airspace. We also have a rotating camera that, when the system detects the drone, will automatically orient itself to that point and the operator can check what the drone is or if something is connected to it, like a contraband. On this basis, the operator can decide to take over, bring it to a safe place on Earth, or return it – adds Zygmunt Trzaskowski.

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The main theme of the fourth edition of the “Borders” exhibition is the 30th anniversary of the Border Guard, its development, modernization and challenges.

The event is held under the auspices of the Minister of Interior and Administration and the Minister of National Defense.

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Photo by Carolina Renick