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– The vote on the unfortunate law called “lex TVN” is one thing, and another is the “Polish deal”, a wonderful program for the reconstruction of Poland, which was largely positively evaluated by the agreement. There is only one area of ​​contention – tax issues, Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslav Gowen said on Republic TV today, when asked about the future of the ruling coalition after the vote on the two bills.

Tomas Sakowicz asked Jaroslaw Gwin about the future shape of the governing coalition on “Booker Press” after the vote on Lex TVN and the Polish system.

– Another thing to vote on this unfortunate act in my opinion the scheme called “lex TVN” This is a parliamentary draft that was not consulted with the agreement we found out from the media we are critically assessing and Another thing is the Polish deal, which is a great program for rebuilding Poland, which has been largely positively evaluated by the agreement. There is one area of ​​dispute – tax issues

– Gwen said.

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Meanwhile, he stressed that there is “space for dialogue and compromise” regarding differences of opinion on the provisions of the Polish system.

– It is different in the case of this unfortunate media law. It has the right intentions to protect the Polish media from capital grabs from countries with anti-democratic values. PiS politicians here provide specific examples, such as Russia, China and Arab countries. I share this intention, and I believe that such provisions should be introduced – but in a thoughtful way. They cannot attack a particular economic or media entity that has been operating in Poland for years. I say this as an advocate of media pluralism, but an advocate of realism in international politics. I think the legislation was drafted in a very ill-considered way that exposes us to tensions with our most important ally in terms of military security.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development, Labor and Technology resides.

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Jaroslav Guin emphasized that the agreement proposed that the exception to the law should not include the countries of the European Economic Area, but rather the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, including the United States of America.

– On the one hand, this protects us from the appropriation of the media by capital from non-democratic countries and at the same time solves the TVN problem, and, above all, removes unnecessary sources of conflict between the Polish government, Parliament and the administration of the President, noted Deputy Prime Minister Joe Biden.

At the beginning of July, PiS deputies submitted to the House of Representatives a draft amendment to the Broadcasting Law, which indicated that “a license to broadcast radio and television programs may be granted to a foreign person whose residence or permanent residence is in a member state of the European Economic Area, provided that such foreign person does not accredit against a foreign person whose domicile or permanent residence is in a country that is not a member of the European Economic Area.” The representative of the applicants is Marek Suski (PiS).

In public debate, the project is often judged to be directed against TVN, which is currently in talks with the National Broadcasting Council over a license extension. TVN is owned by American Discovery, but operates the station through the Polish Television Holding BV, registered in the Netherlands.

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