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Dominica Lasota (MSK): Our voice is not heard

More than 130 people were burned in Rome meters The length of the 19th century bridge (called “iron” because of the metal construction elements). It has linked the banks of the Tiber in the Austinsee area, where street social life takes place, in many bars and restaurants until late at night, especially on weekends.

The first elections in Qatar. 300 candidates and only 29 women

Ponte del Industria fire. The bridge is closed

The causes of the fire are not on For now a favour. Firefighters do not rule out that the start was in one of the barracks built by the homeless near the bridge. The gas pipe that was passing under the bridge exploded, and part of one of the stretches on the shore collapsed, but according to experts, the entire structure is unlikely to collapse. Electricity was cut across the area and Gas. The mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, arrived at the scene. “My heart breaks when I see a piece of history become like this,” she said. The bridge, which can be used to travel between the two areas, has been closed indefinitely pending security checks.

According to Reuters, posses eve broke out elections Mayor of the city.

Italian ship rescued migrantsItaly. 60 migrants were rescued at sea. They were sailing in an overcrowded boat

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