The basis of this idea is technology that determines the importance of consumer goods through a biochemical reaction.

It is mainly used in food productionThe young inventor explained, but given the historical moment we live in, I used them in masks Viorel Beauticewho live in the village Camerata Pesina, in the Marche district.

He noted that his patent could be used in surgical masks. “Whoever stands next to you will see that the mask of the other person is no longer filtering and may move away,” he added.

The same technology can also be used in Ffp2 maskswhich are in common use in Italy today; They are required, inter alia, in transportation.

Italian media reported that the inventor is studying electronic engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin. The idea for the innovative mask was born last year while he was still studying at Galileo Technical School.

“I read that 72 percent of people wear face masks inappropriately, for more than eight hours, for example,” he said. He submitted his project to the Matriculation Board as an article prepared for the oral examination.

The professor told me that this is not a final exam, but a real university diploma thesis. I developed my project during the school year by visiting the lab at the Technical School in the afternoon, said the 19-year-old. He also added, when he discovered the success of his invention, he applied for a patent.

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The inventor admitted that he did not expect success. He has already made contact with mask producers.

– I think that thanks to the concepts we learn at school, there is still a lot to discover and invent – said the student.