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Is one dose of the vaccine sufficient for convalescence?

According to Professors Martin Z. Bazant and John WM Bush The risk of contracting the Coronavirus in confined spaces is the same regardless of the distance you keep, even when wearing a mask. This is contrary to the recommendations of the Centers for Control and Prevention Diseases (CDC) and the World Health Organization (they point out that in addition to wearing a mask, the key is to maintain, among other things, a distance of two meters – ed.)

United States of America. Scientists are on the main risk factors for infection

However, research by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology indicates other factors that may influence transmission virus. Consider Amount of time spent indoors, filtering and air circulation, vaccination, breed variants, use of masks, as well as breathing, eating, talking or singing. We argue that the 6-foot rule is of no use as a general rule, especially when people wear masks. (…) There is no material justification for this, since the air that the wearer breathes tends to rise and fall and everywhere in an enclosed space. Bazant explained, citing CNBC, that you are more likely to be infected with what floats there in general than another, regardless of distance.

In his opinion Opening windows or fans to keep air moving can be just as effective or even more effective From spending large sums on a new filtration system. He also added, contrary to the recommendation on how many people could stay in the room, if there are, for example, 20 people there for a minute, that would probably be fine, but not when they stay there for several hours. Our analysis shows that many confined spaces do not have to be physically closed. Often the space is large enough, the ventilation is good enough, the amount of time people spend together so that the rooms can be used safely – stress the world, warning of a false sense of security depending on the distance.

Transport by air plays a big role

CNBC reports that droplets contaminated with pathogens are transmitted through indoor air when people talk, breathe, or eat. Air transport plays a large role in the spread of SARS-CoV-2, although previously the main recommendation to avoid transmission of the coronavirus was hand washing. Also, most people wear masks and do not cough or sneeze. Therefore, COVID-19 is often transmitted by people without symptoms, so great care must be taken to avoid transmission of the disease.

Bazant states that there have been few cases of outdoor infections. As he explains, with a reasonable distance of 3 feet (91 cm) this may suffice, even without wearing masks. According to the researcher, the risks associated with the new breed variants can be reduced by increasing ventilation by 60%, reducing the time spent indoors or reducing the number of people in the room.

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