You should already know very well that performances when saying goodbye to friends, leaving the rally, do not always end without unpleasant situations.

We have another example, this time from Great Britain, with the participation of the Japanese car legend. The fourth generation Toyota Supra has become a victim of rainy weather.

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The standard car was powered by a 3.0-liter R6 engine with 220 to 320 horsepower. Often, owners decide to make advanced modifications to the power unit.

Most likely, the black version would not have been without them. During acceleration, you can hear the hissing of a turbocharger, an auxiliary inlet on the hood and a spoiler on the tailgate confirm that the owner knows what the tuning is.

Unfortunately, he never fully mastered the power of his Toyota. Once he lost control of the car and stopped on the side of the road.

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He miraculously avoided a close encounter with the tree and ended up collecting dirt and grass at the bottom of the bumper. We suspect the driver’s underwear wasn’t left clean either.

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