The authors of the main text wrote in the latest issue of the German weekly Der Spiegel: “In the sixteenth year of the reign of Angela Merkel (CDU), there is sometimes an unpleasant feeling that we are living in a devastated country.” .

The weekly notes that the former German first student has become a “slow backward” in many respects compared to other countries.

Deficiencies in infrastructure

Six million doses of the vaccine will be delivered to Germany soon. However, there is no infrastructure that would allow this Arranging vaccinations. Der Spiegel accuses Chancellor Angela Merkel, Health Minister Jens Spahn and other ministers of “amazing passivity and exhaustion.”

“After years of prosperity and lack of self-criticism, Germany is in many respects giving the impression that it is a fat, corrupt and bureaucratic country,” commented the weekly.

The authors list a whole gamut of neglect that led to the crisis. They indicate, inter alia, a lack of backup materials, a lack of initial masks, and errors in requesting vaccines and setting vaccination dates. It is also a dispute over the competencies of the local and central authorities.

Kompetencyjny mess

Der Spiegel notes that federal state authorities are blocking each other by making conflicting decisions about school closures, travel, or wearing face masks. There are paradoxes – in May, singing in a choir was forbidden in Saxony, but allowed in Hamburg. According to the newspaper, the chaos is also deepened by German courts, which often issue conflicting rulings.

Mediator accuses Merkel of lack of determination in fighting the epidemic. “The German state, led by Merkel, turned out to be ineffective, poorly organized and unable to deal with the crisis,” the journalists said.

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