Katharina Johnson-Thompson of Great Britain was injured on August 4 in the women’s 200m heptathlon Christian Petersen / Getty Images

Katrina Johnson-Thompson, the world’s hexagonal champion, was knocked out of the injured race in the 200m.

The GB rider refused to use a wheelchair and stood up to cross the finish line, but was disqualified for leaving the track.

Johnson-Thompson had doubts about whether he would recover in time for Tokyo 2020 after breaking his Achilles heel in December.

She had a bad seal on her lower leg, but she rode the 100-meter hurdles, the first of the seven deadly hurdles.

Johnson-Thompson, center, kicks off the women’s seven-legged 100m hurdles Wednesday. Christian Petersen / Getty Images

Johnson-Thompson then fought in the high jump, usually one of his strongest drills, before establishing his best season in shot put.

However, the 28-year-old felt a frown while bending over in the 200m.

She was visibly dazed as she sat on the track and seemed to struggle with excruciating pain, but still crossed the line to the delegation’s cheers in the stands.

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