Scientists say they have devised a way to “go back in time” human skin cells for three decades. It takes longer than previous reprogramming methods. But this is not only the pioneering nature of discovery.

“According to the research, in experiments simulating a skin wound, the partially regenerated cells showed Behavior signs are closer to the cells of youth”- writes Bloomberg Agency, which means that they do not lose their jobs.

Experts suggest that while the research results are still at an early stage, they could eventually revolutionize regenerative medicine, especially if transcribed using other types of cells.

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“This work has very exciting implications. Ultimately, we will be able to identify genes that regenerate without reprogramming, and then target them to reduce the effects of aging,” says the professor. Wolf Rick, Research Group Leader at Epigenetics who recently took over as Director of the Altos Labs Institute in Cambridge.

A new way to treat Alzheimer’s disease and cataracts

This discovery heralds the development of effective treatments for many age-related diseases. “The fact that we also noticed Reversing aging rates in disease-related genesDr Diljit Gill of the British Abraham Institute Lab says:

The new method based on Technology awarded with a Nobel PrizeThat scientists use to create stem cells. It overcomes the problem of completely erasing the identity of cells by stopping reprogramming at some point in the process.