In an open letter dated February 3, Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer of Regensburg criticized the format of the Synodal Road web conference.

He also called on the Roads Executive Committee to be more transparent, for example by sharing meeting minutes with all participants.

“Perhaps in this way we can dispel the impression that sometimes appears of authoritarian despotism,” he wrote.

The bishop wrote: “Such an approach would be a prerequisite for the more confident progress and success in the renewal of the much-needed church in our country.”

The “collegial method” is a process in which the German laity and bishops discuss four main axes: the exercise of authority in the Church; Sexual morality as a priesthood; And the role of women. It may be surprising, however, that Bishop Fudderholzer does not know that the synodal path is not intended to be a dialogue, but rather to make radical changes that go against Catholic teachings.

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