“Iran’s nuclear program has reached a tipping point, and so has our tolerance for it,” Bennett said. Iran’s nuclear weapons program is at a critical juncture, and all red lines have been crossed.”

And the Israeli prime minister warned that “the inspections have been ignored.” – It turns out that all the wishing was wrong. Bennett said that Iran is currently violating agreements with the International Atomic Energy Agency and is doing so without consequences, stressing that Israel “will not allow” Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.

In his speech, Bennett also referred to Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi as a “butcher.”

Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations, Majid Ravanzi, responded to the Israeli prime minister’s speech with a short tweet. “Iranophobia is rampant at the United Nations,” he wrote. He condemned Bennett’s “false” words and noted that Israel had no right to talk about Iran’s nuclear program because it had “hundreds of nuclear warheads.”

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