The advisory to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced on Monday evening the dissolution of the ruling coalition and the country awaits October or November new elections.

It was announced earlier that the vote to dissolve parliament will take place next week, after which Lapid will take over as prime minister. The law firm Bennett announced that It will happen “in the coming days”.

elections to be held in the fall, The vote will be the fifth of its kind in three years. As the Associated Press reported, they could bring a former Israeli prime minister back to power Benjamin Netanyahu, especially as he is the frontrunner in the polls.

For two months now, the ruling coalition no longer has a majority. In mid-May, Prime Minister Bennett’s government became a minority government. Arab MP from the left-wing Merrick party, Ghida Rina Al-Zoubi, who has withdrawn her support for the government, wrote in a letter to the prime minister that she could not support the coalition that is harassing her community.

Zoabi’s departure left Bennett in control of 59 of the 120 seats in the Knesset.

in March Bennett’s government lost a one-member majority When a deputy from the prime minister’s right-wing party left the coalition.

In June 2021, the 36th Cabinet in Israel’s history was approved in the Knesset by only one vote.

Eight parties joined the coalition Right, center and left parties, including a group representing the Arab minority for the first time in Israel’s history. Most of them are not ideologically related to each other, The common denominator of these formations’ programs was the will to isolate Netanyahu from power.

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