The attack took place during the celebration of Israel’s Independence Day. According to local media, four people were injured, in addition to the dead, two of them were taken to hospitals in critical condition.

According to Israeli media, there are two attackers, one armed with a pistol and the other with an axe. They had to attack passersby in the park.

The attackers fled the scene in their cars. The police set up roadblocks, and a helicopter took part in the raid.

The mayor of Elad, who appeared on television, called on the townspeople to stay indoors.

The attack praised the radical Palestinian movement Hamas, which seized control of Gaza but did not take responsibility for organizing it.

It is located east of the city of Elad on the border of the Palestinian Authority, and is guarded by a security wall.

The Palestinian Authority states that in recent months, Palestinians have carried out numerous attacks in Israel and the West Bank, killing 15 people.


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