According to the department, 122 students and teachers tested positive for coronavirus in the past 24 hours, and 900 people are currently infected. The data emerged on Wednesday, the last school day in Israel before the summer holidays.

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Israel. Another increase in infection is caused by a delta variable

Despite the full vaccination of more than half of the population, the number of infections in Israel has increased recently, which means that مما rz ± d It reimposed the obligation to wear face masks in enclosed public spaces. The authorities also strongly encourage adolescents between the ages of 12 and 15 to get vaccinated.

The increase in coronavirus infections in Israel is associated with the more contagious delta type, and half of new infections are now diagnosed in fully vaccinated people (vaccinated people transmit infection more gently, but carry infection more). However, according to experts, this does not indicate low efficacy VaccinesBut with herd immunity not yet achieved, the threshold for this is higher for the faster transmission variant virus.

In Israel, which is home to 9.3 million people, in late May, only one infection was recorded per day in late May, but last week, infection rates rose to more than 100, and this week to more than 200.


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