Research shows that the vast majority (80%) of vaccinated people who contracted SARS-coV-2 did not transmit the coronavirus to anyone else at concerts, restaurants, gyms, or public events.

Another 10%. transmitting the coronavirus to another person in these places, and 3 percent. It infected two or three others (for the remaining 7% it is not clear whether they were responsible for infecting the others). The report did not provide detailed information on the number of people who were previously infected by non-vaccinated people.

The data was released after ministers agreed on Thursday to restore a so-called green corridor that limits attendance at major events to those who have been vaccinated, recovered or who have submitted a valid negative test result.

The renewed restrictions will apply from July 29 to indoor and outdoor events with more than 100 participants. Only people 12 years of age or older will be required to provide evidence of vaccination, recovery, or a negative test within the past 72 hours. There will be no fewer restrictions than this age, although the rules are expected to be announced for those under 12 in the future.

The authorities explained that the green corridor will also be restored for sports events, gyms, restaurants, conferences, tourist attractions and community centers, while emphasizing that there will be no personal limits in meetings.

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