banks It appeared on YouTube in 2016 and was initially intended to be a channel that helps Poles in the UK, among others, successfully search for a job.

However, the channel began to gain popularity when the blogger began to criticize the surrounding British reality.

In 2021, the number of subscribers to the channel exceeded 100,000, and each film was watched by at least 150-200.000 viewers.

The last video on the channel indicates that Tomasz is tired of running the channel. The scene could be considered horrific in expression.

Is this the end of your friendship? You can watch the entire video in the article below.

On the Internet, Tomas Bykovsky is probably the most famous Polish immigrant in Great Britain, although most know him not so much by his last name but by the name of his YouTube channel: Zmywak. The channel has been around for 5 years and has more than 104,000 subscribers. In the last film, the vlogger surprised his viewers with a suggestive message.

“The dishwasher: an injection of optimism” – a farewell movie? [wideo]

Does Tomasz purposefully announce the end of the channel? Watch the video and express your opinion in our poll:

Will the UK’s most popular Polish vlogger score a movie?

Internet creators often say that after a while they feel overburdened and end their career, they close or suspend their activities on the Internet. Many of the smaller channels run by Poles in the UK have longer or shorter breaks. Then viewers quickly turn away and others gain popularity. You can follow Zmywak channel for 5 years – it’s a very long experience for a channel made by only one person.

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Zmywak channel is Single Actor Show – Tomek Bykowski – With guest appearances, incl. Mariola, Bartek or Jake – heroes known to ordinary viewers, but also to those who do not fully admit that they watch Tomasz films. Every new episode of Zmywak The number of people watching the channel is greater than the number of subscribers to the channel itself It averages between 150 and 200 thousand views. It’s kind of a phenomenon if we look at the bigger and older “Polish” YouTube channels. This original channel is emerging Since 2016 It has changed a lot over time. In 2021 there is no use in movies to advise Poles in the UK that it does not feature a particular snack. Basically, business advice has replaced life advice. Reign in Zmywak Stand up, lots of figurative metaphors, irony, and not always politically correct jokes. The comments section under the films is dedicated to viewers in the often “racing for Internet popularity”. It’s no secret that the vlogger often deals with haters in later episodes, and original comments are the perfect medium for him in a Q&A style episode.

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Getting past 100,000 subscriptions with a channel that deals primarily with niche immigration topics is an impressive feat. However, whether the suggestive and harrowing ending of Tomasz’s latest movie is a message to viewers that there will be no more episodes of Zmywak, we’ll likely find out in just a few weeks, when the new episode of the vlog comes out or not. Unfortunately, Tomas Bykovsky He did not reply to our emailThe agency cooperating with him sent only a polite message that the issue of the Polish Express editorial office will be transferred to the vlogger.

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You can find all the videos so far on the channel banks

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