On the day of the end of the COP26 climate conference, the British conservative newspaper Express (Daily Express) reported in the text about the closest energy solutions to her country, just the existence of such a gathering.

He reports that the UK has an entirely different energy solution. It is thermonuclear fusion. On the other hand, this is nothing new, because thermonuclear technology, about which the author of this text writes, has been known for more than 70 years. The initiators of 1950 were the Russians: Igor Tam and Andrei Sakharov. The first such device was built in 1956 at the Institute of Atomic Energy in Moscow. It was the famous tokamak (annular chamber with magnetic coil). This name was adopted by all built structures of this type in the world.

The technology is similar to inverting nuclear energy, which consists in cracking an atom, and the thermonuclear version of it consists in the synthesis of hydrogen atoms in helium at temperatures in solar plasma, that is, about 150 million degrees Celsius. The amount of energy without any waste. The raw material is hydrogen, which is abundantly available in the world. This process occurs on the Sun, thanks to which this energy reaches the Earth.

The most developed countries in the world have their own tokamaks. These are research structures. So far, none of them have achieved commercial efficiency, that is, generating more power than the device consumes when it is started up.

British tokamak
To date, a lot of information on this topic has been presented in the media as promising future sources of unlimited amounts of energy. They were received without much interest as a scientific curiosity. It turned out that they were so inspiring that the politicians did not regret the money for their development.

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