A patio heater is an item primarily associated with restaurants and cafes. This device is used in gardens and outdoor areas to provide thermal comfort to guests during cold days and evenings. Did you know that you can also put a patio fireplace on your porch or in the garden?

How will a patio heater change the seating space?

A functional patio heater is a device often seen in home comfort areas. Modern heaters allow you to extend the summer period and provide comfort to the whole family while relaxing near the house. Their design is also an undoubted advantage – patio heater It is designed in such a way that it perfectly fits into the already arranged space. An example of where modern design goes hand in hand with impressive technical parameters is the Etna heater model, offered by the Garden Space brand. Etna heater designers prove that comfort close to nature doesn’t have to end with the onset of cold days. This practical device will allow you to heat the air in the veranda, patio or balcony. Etna has high strength and an operating range of up to 5 meters. The Etna heater will make the summer endless, and you will be able to relax among the greenery whenever you want.

How do patio heaters work?

Gas heaters are powered by propane-butane gas cylinders. The cylinder is placed inside the heater, which does not affect its aesthetic perception. The burners used ensure efficient operation of the heater with low energy consumption. The daily operation is very simple, and the security measures used increase the convenience of use. The advantage is the ability to adjust the height of the flame and determine the intensity of the device’s work. Terrace heaters are made of materials with increased resistance to abrasion, damage or changing weather conditions.

Terrace heaters in home makeover

A patio heater is not just a functional accessory that works well during cold days. It is also an element that will greatly influence the aesthetics of the surroundings. Balcony heaters are designed to fit into already arranged spaces. Modern heaters with a minimalist design are ideal for minimalist or loft-inspired balconies. Heating appliances of more luxurious shapes will decorate rustic, bohemian or antique spaces. The patio heater will change the reception of the rest area, give it a magical atmosphere and ensure relaxation in comfortable conditions.

Heater will extend summer and beautiful moments on the balcony!

When looking for unusual and practical solutions for a home porch, choose a patio heater – it will be a real success! This device will allow you to complement the entertainment space and its accessories, create an original arrangement and ensure warmth.

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