iPhone SE 2022 proudly features new designs. We can see the top-notch brand that fans have dreamed of, and it’s also futile to look for big tires. We love this vision so much – will Apple’s new cheap smartphone look like this?

at iPhone SE 2022 A few months before its premiere, it stirs up a lot of controversy. This is because Apple is seriously protecting its secret, and leakers are trying to outdo each other with guesses about the possible design of the smartphone.

The SE series so far has a very specific appearance – the smartphone manufacturer has made very compact devices. More importantly, the iPhone SE released in 2020 inherited the design from its three-year older brother – the iPhone 8.

Thus, the subject of much controversy is what step Apple will decide this time around. After this progress, iPhone SE 2022 You will get the look of iPhone 11?

come in. An apple

iPhone SE this year on dream graphics

Opinions are very divided – worst case scenario, confirmed by some very reliable leakers, assumed The design of the iPhone SE 2022 will not differ from the alternative for 2020!

There are still many optimists who believe in renewable housing and most importantly – degree. These ManiaKs will be delighted with the new graphics that have just appeared on the web.

iPhone se

iphone se / fot. tent xleaks7

Leaked Twitter @xleaks7 (David Kowalski) has partnered with TenTechReview to present the iPhone SE 2022 offers that many have dreamed of.

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In the pictures we see the back cover known to us from the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE 2020, compact but on the front of the smartphone No point looking for large frames or a fingerprint reader. However, there is a significant degree.

iPhone se

iphone se / fot. tent xleaks7

Unfortunately, as TenTechReview claims, information about the notch is “not yet confirmed”, and the graphics provided are just a figment of the imagination of brand enthusiasts who have been waiting for the iPhone SE.

However, Kowalski has actually managed to predict Apple’s moves quite well a few times — well, hope is the last to die.

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