While most leaks so far present the iPhone SE 3 as an eleventh heir, the news from Japan is much less optimistic.

iPhone SE 3 awakens the imagination. After all, he’s a budget representative The world’s most popular smartphone series. There is nothing to hide, for many it is also the only opportunity to look at Apple devices at all, and the current model does not spoil. It is based on the iPhone 7 body, which is more than half a decade old, so despite its small size, it can be considered old and outdated.

No wonder major changes are expected in the upcoming SE, with the move to a more modern design at the front. Only, as reported by Japanese blog Mocotakara, an omen already known from Few accurate predictions At the Cupertino company, it’s all just wishful thinking. Sourcing in the supply chain is said to be the exact opposite.

iPhone SE 3 will be like seven again

This means that its appearance compared to the current iPhone SE, as of 2020, will not change either. Then it will be a fairly old building With a screen size of 4.7 inches with an aspect ratio of 16 to 9Plus the big Touch ID button on the front.

Since there was no talk of leaks before, a smartphone It is a 5G modem receiverThis is due to the use of the latest chip in the Apple Wallet, the A15. Like the iPhone 13 devices. In addition, according to the source, the factories will start mass production for the new budget as early as December 2021. In order to regularly sell the smartphone In the early spring of next year.

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Can the Japanese be completely believable in this situation? Well, you know pretty well what it’s like with all the leaks. However, there is one thing that cannot be denied. The current iPhone SE may seem like a visitor from the past, but it does regular notes Another million units sold. It is possible that a similar fate awaits his successor, and if consumers do not mind a certain anachronism, then why bother with bells and whistles. Marketing communications will then be withdrawn by 5G.

Image source: Unsplash (@Tron Le)

Text source: Mocotakara, ed. King