As evidenced by his last published report BloombergApple can work on serious changes, which we will see with the premiere of iPhone 13. Journalists suggest, among other things, that the company is working on a prototype of a foldable smartphone, but it will be many years before this device goes on sale.

As Bloomberg suspects, A foldable iPhone It could also be available in different sizes, which will definitely please users who are tired of smartphones available in increasingly larger sizes. However, for now, Apple has not spoken about whether it is actually working on a foldable smartphone. However, it is unlikely that the company will want to remain behind the competition for long.

TouchID returns and other changes

However, the Bloomberg report revealed several more updates to Apple products in 2021. This year’s new iPhone comes with “minor and significant improvements.” The report states that Aple can recover TouchID, but on iPhone 13 it will be placed in the same screen.

Another change suggested by the report, The Lightning port will be removed It can be replaced with the USB-C port. However, rumors point to this Apple might drop the port completelyFor wireless charging. The introduction of a new charging system may support this theory as well MagSafe On iPhone 12 from 2020.

Bloomberg emphasizes, however, that in relation to the coronavirus epidemic and the changes Apple introduced in 2020 (including the introduction of 5G), The company is unlikely to surprise users with many new products in 2021. The report indicates that we are looking for the new iPhone “S”, and the company is expected to work on a new iPad and iPad Pro.

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