Team USA defeated Argentina tonight 108:80, claiming their first win before the upcoming Olympics. Earlier, Gregg Popovich’s Nigeria and Australia charges surrendered quite unexpectedly. Today, however, they dominated in many respects and were clearly the better team.

USA – Argentina 108:80


  • The third friendly match of the Olympic team from the United States And only the first victory. After defeats with Nigeria 87:90 i Australia 83:91 charge Grija Popovica They must have been defeated in Las Vegas Argentina 108: 80.
  • Greg Popovich and his crew decided, as he announced, to rotate the team. Includes the five prefixes, among others Kevin Durant whether, what Damian LillardThis was the first time he had the chance Zach Lavigne. protector Chicago Bulls He scored a total of 15 points in his first two games, spending about 17.5 minutes on the field per game. He also returned to the first squad Pam AdebayoHe replaced him in the second half Draymond Green. Jason Tatum, who is reported to be suffering from pain in his right knee, lost.
  • The Americans were certainly more effective from the start than they were in duels with Nigeria and Australia. Already in the first quarter, the American team beat the result of the second match and scored up to 33 points, in the meantime the Argentines were allowed to get only 19 points. rather than their playing style.
  • Greg Popovich rotated the team and, as before, experimented with searching for the perfect line-up. But when it’s the heart of the team, most of all, it works great Bradley Bell And Kevin Durant, on the bench, the Argentines were able to jump a little bit with the score by taking advantage of the mistakes of the US players. However, the Americans were the dominant party and increased their supremacy without any major problems at the most important moments (58:42).
  • The second half was also dictated by American players. The hosts slowed down a bit and allowed themselves to play more quietly. That was enough to win two consecutive quarters, and ultimately the whole match. As expected, Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal scored the most points (17 each). Zach Lavigne took his chance by dropping 15. Damian Lillard added 13 points and Pam Adebayo 12. On the other side of the field were people known for their performances on the NBA pitches. Luis Scola (16), Facundo Campazzo (12) i Gabriel Dick (10). He also presented himself well Nicholas Laprovitola (13) Who has an adventure with San Antonio Tottenham.
  • When asked what was the key to the US Olympic team’s first victory, Pam Adebayo answered: Greater density. We were really focused on defense.
  • Gregg Popovich’s players have 11 days to fully prepare for the upcoming Olympics. On July 25, the Americans will play the national team in the first game of Group A France. Then they face clashes with Iran I Czech. On the other hand, the Argentines found their way into Group C of SpainAnd the Slovenia Tournament host – Japan.
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