The local prosecutor’s office has confirmed that 28 sexual assault victims were exposed at a Catholic school in Chile. The Chilean portal “24 Horace” reported that the institutions were run by Maristas. The violations were to take place in the years 1970-2004.

According to information released by the public prosecutor of Santiago de Chile on Friday, it has collected evidence from about 150 testimonies from people connected to the network of schools run by Marist Brothers in Chile. There were also testimonies of victims and aggressors.

17 monks accused of sexual assault Against the accusations of those schools and people associated with them, the investigation ended at the end of May.

According to investigators, some of the 28 victims of sexual abuse committed by clergy working in Chile from the Marist Brotherhood are adults. “Among the victims of these violations were persons between the ages of 7 and 25.” – The portal “24 Horus” reported after the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Santiago de Chile.

An investigation into the alleged sexual assaults on pupils from schools run by the Marist Brothers began in 2017 after an internal investigation launched by the worshipers’ authorities.

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