The International Space Station has been operating for two decades, and for some time there have been voices saying that the United States does not want to fund its operations. Current funds assume that the project will be supported until 2024. Now NASA has announced that the United States will be Continue cooperation on the International Space Station until 2030

Joe Biden’s administration has agreed to extend funding for the International Space Station. NASA intends to continue the space program associated with the International Space Station in cooperation with other nations until the end of this decade. It will cost billions of dollars, but in the meantime the station will also be used by the commercial sector.

Maintenance of the International Space Station is very expensive. Therefore, in 2018, an offer was made by the administration of incumbent President Donald Trump to stop the completion of this project in the middle of this decade. But this will not happen and the cooperation will continue in the coming years, which is certainly a joy.

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