We can be really proud of our Olympian students who participate in the International Olympic Games. Every year they compete with young people from all over the world and achieve excellent results in these struggles – said Minister Przemyslav Kzarnik. Congratulations on all your success. I am convinced that today’s innovative workshops will bring a lot of creative ideas and solutions, as well as inspire new activities – the minister added.

As noted by Minister Przemyslav Czarnik, parents and teachers play an important role in the success of young scientists.

This is an extraordinary achievement for our youth, our outstanding talents, splendidly polished by their parents and teachers. Because it is not enough to have talent. You also need a grinder who can hone this talent – the minister emphasized.

According to the Minister of Education and Science, teachers who prepare young people for the Olympiad deserve special thanks and congratulations.

The parents of these great talents are also worthy, because without their motive and proper upbringing at home, these talents would not want to be honed. The medals won by the winners are a reason to be proud. You are the ambassadors of Polish education and Polish science. You are the ambassadors of the Republic of Poland in these areas. But this is also a reason to thank you, because talent with talent, mill grind, parent – but the work you do every day to prepare for these very difficult Olympics, in order to be so successful on the international stage – the job could not be overestimated, said the minister. .

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Deputy Minister Daryusz Piontkovsky noted the successes of the winners, noting that the winners of the International Olympiad showed that they could achieve excellent results in competition with their peers.

– This is not the first year you bring glory to our country. This is another situation in which we can say that we have very talented young people who can already do a lot – the Deputy Minister emphasized.

The MEiN Foreign Minister stated that the Ministry allocates several million zlotys to the Olympics every year and emphasized that it is one of the best public funds spent in Poland. With these financial resources we help find talent.

During today’s event, the winners of the Olympiad participated in scientific workshops during which they had to solve specific tasks. Then the results of their work were evaluated by members of the Olympic Committees, representatives of GovTech and MEiN. The Committee took into account, above all, the effectiveness and simplicity of the solution.

One of the points of the program was the experiments prepared by the professor. Andrzej Wysmołek, an experimental physicist from the University of Warsaw.

International Olympic Games

In the 2019/2020 academic year, 5 of the 8 planned international Olympiads were held, in which our students won a total of 21 medals (two gold, 11 silver, eight bronze).

The International Olympic Medals Ceremony is held in science and aims to:

  • Honoring all persons who participated in the preparation and management of the International Olympic Games;
  • Inclusion of Outstanding Students – Medal Winners on the International Arena;
  • reward and recognize internationally successful young people;
  • rewarding and emphasizing the role of teachers – guardians of these medalists;
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The Ministry of Education, under the agreements signed with the organizers of international competitions, finances the trips of students and their parents to international competitions.

We congratulate the medal winners on their success so far and wish them more!