The US Congress has confirmed the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States. This was expected?

Jaroslaw JosieBiden may be happy after the election results and successive courts have rejected Donald Trump’s requests. The outcome of the conference that ended today was clear. Some Republican members of Congress contested the election results of individual states. However, these were an apparent minority, and some decided to withdraw their applications due to recent events on the Capitol. He contributed to the smooth completion of this procedure. The same was announced by Vice President Pence, who managed the trial with great efficiency. As he said, he has great doubts about the elections, but he is bound by the law and the constitution.

What does Biden presidency mean in practice?

There are many question marks as there is a clear change in the ruling party in the United States. In recent days, the situation has been greatly disturbed in the immediate aftermath of the elections. With a balance in the Senate with the help of Vice President Harris’ vote, the Democrats will control this House, which is important from the standpoint of introducing legislative changes as well as nominating positions in the presidential administration. So this party enjoys full power, which means a new chapter, at least for the next four years.

There is more and more opinion that the US election procedures are outdated and must be changed. What do you think that?

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Democracy is not an easy system at all, and the American system is very complex, although it has a long tradition and is accepted by the vast majority of Americans. Recent incidents can only affect the prestige of the United States in the world and inspire reflection among Americans. It would certainly be beneficial to consider the electoral system in the event of a pandemic. This system has always raised a lot of doubts, which intensified with so many messaging voices. I am opposed to this type of voting because I believe it should be an act of will that is personally verified. Mail voting might be an absolute exception. In this regard, reform is definitely needed so that there is no doubt about the upcoming elections.

There have been dramatic scenes at the Capitol. Donald Trump supporters entered the building. Riots broke out and many people lost their lives. Will this persuade Americans to reform the electoral system?

People who gathered at a demonstration in Washington should not be considered a sample of the Republican Party’s supporters or even Donald Trump. It was just a bunch of radicals with a peer on the other side. It is possible to imagine the various excesses that would have occurred had Trump won. But this is not the fault of the system itself, but rather because of the political conflict in the United States, which is paralyzing this system. American society has been roughly divided in half, as evidenced by the presidential election result. In the international forum, there is remarkable agreement on the flaws of the American electoral system, to the point that the governments of Western Europe, the President of Iran and the Speaker of the Russian Duma can speak with one voice. This interest in democracy in the United States should be left to Americans alone.

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How would you rate Donald Trump’s actions in the context of these electoral disputes?

Everyone was aware that this electoral system was riddled with loopholes, which combined with the postal ballot raised a number of doubts. It was especially important in those states where the fighting was even, for example in Georgia the difference in votes was only several thousand. It so happened that additional sounds were found during verification. As for Donald Trump, this has to be seen mainly from a political point of view. Regardless of the defeat, he scored a good election result. This has sparked speculation about whether he will be a Republican candidate within four years and lead opposition to the Biden administration and the Democratic-dominated Congress. Unfortunately, there are certain traits in Trump that have prevented him from taking office. Regardless of some successes and increased support in extremist groups, they caused him problems above all.