Training of operators of Javelin anti-tank missiles began in the 5th Masovian Brigade of Regional Defense. It is conducted by instructors from the Illinois National Guard and the Regional Defense Forces Training Center.

Soldiers of the Masoviya Regional Defense Brigade take part in a training exercise. It will last until June 12, and will be divided into two modules – theoretical and practical. During the course, soldiers will get acquainted with the construction and operation of the launcher, the secrets of tactics of use, and on the basis of specialized instructors they will learn how to use anti-tank guided missiles in practice. Training with simulators will allow you to practice different tactical scenarios that may occur on the real battlefield.

One of the reasons for the increase in the number of US military training personnel in Poland is the strengthening of Poland’s defense capabilities and the rapid implementation of conclusions drawn from the current operations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The main reason for this presence is the acceleration of training of soldiers of the territorial defense forces in battle tanks and precision fire, as well as an increase in the number of combat medicine specialists in the formation.

Since the establishment of the Regional Defense Forces, the formation has received robust training and advisory support from the US National Guard. For a year now, the 5th Masovian Regional Defense Brigade has been cooperating with the soldiers of the United States and Great Britain who participate in the exercises organized by the brigade.

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