Redmond addressed an issue with installing Windows 11 on devices that failed testing to confirm that hardware requirements are met. We have good information for potential users here.

What about old computers?

We had to wait a long time for the next big release of Microsoft’s operating system. It’s been many years since “The Ten” premiered, and information came out along the way that we won’t see a full successor, because Windows 10 will be developed as a service. Well, the previous revelation did not come true and was presented this year Windows 11.

We already met Minimum RequirementsUsers who have already reached the beta version can use a tool to check if their computer is suitable for installing a new operating system. The problem of installing “Eleven” on older machines that had problems with the correct completion of the verification process remained an unclear problem. Fortunately, we finally know what it’s like Microsoft’s official position.

Windows 11 – beta (Photo:

We learned that installation can only be restricted when upgrading from a previous version of Windows 11 via Windows Update. However, when we download the ISO image and decide to install the system manually, it will be possible.

Be aware of the possible consequences

As we already know, Windows 11 is expected to support 8th generation and newer Intel Core processors. However, this does not mean that installation will be completely blocked on a computer with an outdated layout. The workaround described above will be available here.

Of course, the installation on an old computer may be successful and the system will work without major problems. However, Microsoft notes that this will be treated as an installation at your own risk. There may be errors caused, for example, by incompatibility of drivers.

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Furthermore, the Redmond-based company says the manual installation will be aimed primarily at companies looking to test out the new system. It should be noted here that there is nothing that prevents every user from using this method.

Although there is an option to install Windows 11 on computers with older processors, it is not officially promoted by Microsoft. This is due to a simple fact – possible problems with the stability of work and the overall quality of system operation.

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