44 days before the big release, 343 Industries has published a new Halo Infinite material. After all, the creators do not focus on playing online, but allow you to see how the new history of the Master Chief is presented. Check out how to play.

Last year’s Halo Infinite demo wasn’t particularly successful, so the developers were given an extra year to improve the game, and Players meet the new mascot of the American company. Now, however, we can safely verify that 343 Industries didn’t waste extra time. For a year, the creators paid attention to the quality of the functionality, and at the same time decided to release a title on a smaller scale than originally planned – after all, cooperation and Forge will be added only after the premiere.

Now, however, there is nothing to hide because of him Halo Infinite will debut in early December And developers can only decorate some bushes at this point. Soon we should hear about the completion of work on the title.

The premiere of Halo Infinite is of course just the beginning, because the title is constantly receiving new content, and thanks to the free PVP game on the servers, we must meet with real fans of players.