Even the biggest fans of Halo won’t be silent anymore. The developers of 343 Industries revealed the full plans for the second season of the season, and unfortunately the company failed again. Players were hoping for more content.

Halo Infinite developers recently showed new maps and introduced new modes targeting the game. Everything looked fine and the title got praise, but the problem arose when the developers provided full details.

It turns out that The second season of the tournament will run again for 6 months (from May 3 to November 7) During this time, developers will not provide advertised content prior to the premiere.

At the end of August, Halo Infinite will receive campaign co-op, but only online (so far no split screen), and the Forge open beta is expected to reach players only in September (no full release yet).

Society made no secret that it was counting on more. You can easily find critical comments from players – those interested assure that despite 343 Industries’ interest in the great gameplay, the developers are not able to cope with the development of the game.

Halo infinite roadmap is really depressing, can’t believe I’m saying it, but waiting for season 3 is going to be horrible 🙁

“Halo Infinite roadmap is very disappointing. Another six month season with mediocre content (even for three months). I loved the game when it came out and I still think the gameplay is outstanding, but 343 is really disappointing in content.”

“So far there are two seasons for a year huh”

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