John Prosser, a leak with an incomplete track record, suggests that what is to be expected HomePod Both the Apple TV mini and next generation will be able to track your location indoors, thanks to the capabilities of Ultra Wideband (UWB).

It is suggested that this will enable a number of capabilities …

Prosser chirp:

Both HomePod mini and the new Apple TV will serve as UWB base stations

  • It will accurately track your location as you walk indoors, using other U1 devices.
  • Use the information for media controls, brightness / volume controls, and door locks.

Turns regular devices into HomeKit devices.

The last sentence seems to refer to devices like Apple watches and iPhones that are converting to more powerful HomeKit devices thanks to their well-known location. This could mean, for example, that locks and lights can be activated by HomeKit sights with much more precision than is possible with presence detection.

Prosser also suggests that home appliances could act as a type of security system.

It can also be used in the Find My app when you are away from home to alert you if any of your devices have been moved or taken from your home.

Finally, he indicated that they will enhance AR functionality.

Base stations like HomePod mini and Apple TV are Apple’s highly intelligent Trojan horse that will bring AR capabilities into the Find My app inside your home. Next-level things.

Prosser was right with some predictions, but those predictions are mostly about dates: which products will be announced and on which date. Some of these tweets were made earlier in the day. He was right with some of the product details, like the name of the new iPhone SE and the fact that the new iMac has not been remastered.

However, his failed predictions include the launch of AirTags on September 15, the new Apple Watch and the new iPad announced in a press release before the September event, the rebrand of iOS to the iPhone OS, the new Apple TV 4K in May, and the new AirPods ready. For shipping in May, new AirPods launch in April, iPhone 9 shipments in April, date WWDC 2020 – and post a photo that claimed to be a new AirPower charger that’s working (it wasn’t).

One possible scenario for explaining his successes and mistakes would be that he has a resource involved in website updates (who will know the dates and some details, but not necessarily information about the products themselves), supplemented with guesses about what looks likely.

The idea itself isn’t completely inconsequential – it seems likely that Apple will include UWB chips in most / all new products – but we won’t necessarily see this tweet as evidence.

Evidence HomePod mini upcoming launch Much stronger, backed by two dropouts with excellent achievement records. It is said to It costs just $ 99 and measures 3.3 inches.

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