The US Geological Survey said it was near an Indonesian island Jawy There was an earthquake under the water. No tsunami warning was issued in a message issued by the monitoring service.

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Komodo Island is closed to tourists to protect the dragons

Indonesia. 6.7-magnitude earthquake – no injuries

coast Indonesia On Saturday, April 10, there was increased seismic activity. As I mentioned “Everything was swinging.” Residents felt the earthquake in Malang, with a magnitude of 6.7. The buildings shuddered. “It was very strong and it lasted for a long time,” said local resident Ida Magferoh. A powerful earthquake destroyed buildings on the main Indonesian island of Java and shocked tourists Hotels Bali.

Earlier, the European Mediterranean Seismic Center (EMSC) reported that a magnitude 5.9 earthquake was reported near the city of Beltar, also in East Java. There is no information on possible damages or injuries. There was also no warning of a tsunami.

Indonesia – the center of the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire

Indonesia often suffers from seismic activity and volcanic. It’s all because RealityIt is located on the Pacific Ocean called the “Ring of Fire,” the place where tectonic plates collide. It is a region where earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are frequent and is made up of a strip of ocean trenches, island arcs, and active volcanoes.

In 2018, Indonesia was hit by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami in Palau, Sulawesi island, killing or missing more than 4,300 people. On December 26, 2004, a devastating earthquake measuring 9.1 on the Richter scale hit the coast of Sumatra. Tectonic movements triggered tsunamis that killed 220,000 people across the region, 170,000 of them in Indonesia.

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