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It must be admitted that Microsoft often receives a wave of criticism from users. Sometimes it’s the result of very bold decisions (eg deleting the Start menu button a few years ago), other times it’s the result of very intrusive persuading users to switch to a new operating system (this was the case with Windows 10).

However, the company usually gets out of such situations unscathed by withdrawing from controversial changes. However, there is one problem – although it annoys users – Microsoft doesn’t want to back down. It’s about using the Microsoft Eggde web browser (and formerly Internet Explorer).

Windows 11 will make it difficult to choose a web browser

it turns out, That in Windows 11, Microsoft won’t change its strategy and still intends to “convince” us with the Microsoft Edge browser. In Windows 11, Edge will remain the default browser (no changes here), but the way to change this default web browser to any other program of this type has been modified.

In Windows 10, we can do this quite easily from the settings level. Simply choose a different program from the list of default applications and confirm that you are sure of your decision. In Windows 11, you must remember to choose your default browser the first time you start your computer or after installing another web browser.

If we don’t, it will be difficult to change it later. In Windows 11 settings, there will be no box with the choice of the default browser. Instead, you’ll need to select a default program to handle each file type (such as HTML or PDF). as he explains the edge, So if we want Google Chrome to become the new default browser, we will have to change the settings for up to 11 file types (HTM, HTML, PDF, SHTML, SVG, WEBP, XHT, XHTML, FTP, HTTP and HTTPS) separately.

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Producers of competing browsers are criticizing Microsoft’s move, accusing the company of restricting users’ choice. You can guess that at least some customers will share the same opinion as you. In fact, the company’s decision is at least controversial, because users (just like the European Commission, which also does not like to block the choice) have repeatedly called on the giant to make it easier to change the default browser.

However, in an interview with The Verge, the company clarified that the move is the result of listening to user requests. According to the company, more extensive app defaults will allow users to have more control over which app will open a particular type of file. However, Microsoft adds that it will continue to listen to customer feedback and, if necessary, tweak Windows 11 to make it change for the better.

In Windows 11, we implement updates suggested by customers to customize and control default settings in more detail, remove app categories and put all apps on an equal footing in terms of default settings. As this change proves, we’re constantly listening, learning, and hearing customer feedback that helps shape Windows. Windows 11 will evolve over time. If we learn from customers that there are ways to make improvements, we’ll make them

Microsoft said in an interview with The Verge.