Reuters quoted an adviser to the President of Ukraine, Oleksiy Aristovich, that the Ukrainian army had recaptured more than 30 towns from Russia in the Kyiv region.

Aristovich added that Ukrainian forces were defending the front line in the east of the country and that more intense battles should be expected.

Let us not be under any illusions – there will be difficult battles in the south, beyond Mariupol, and to the east of Ukraine – confirmed.

A large number of Russian soldiers from Russia entered the Konotop region of Sumy Oblast in northeastern Ukraine, the head of the regional authorities Dmytro Zwiecki reported via Telegram on Saturday.

According to him, the Russian troops created a “corridor” through which military equipment constantly moved from the Kyiv and Chernihiv states to Russia.

Oike stated that Russian soldiers are afraid of local residents and Ukrainian soldiers, and therefore open “chaotic fire” at people approaching Russian military equipment or walking along the path of the column.

He also reported that in the city of Buren, Russian soldiers fired on apartment buildings, Friday, injuring a man and wounding a passenger car.

On Friday, a man shot by enemy soldiers was also killed in the village of Dobovyazvka the day before.

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