Anna Schmura, Director of the Mościce Center for the Arts, organizer of the festival, informed PAP that “Tarnowians” will be an annual celebration for people from the city of Malopolska. The multi-day multidisciplinary cultural event, referring to the strong cinematic traditions of the Mościce region of Tarnów, has been enriched with additional forms – exhibitions, concerts, conferences, meetings with artists, multimedia events and workshops.

It is a series of meetings, talks and initiatives that will bring together different scientific disciplines, fields of art, activity and personalities. People should be the common denominator of all activities. Tarnowians. People associated with Tarnów or from Tarnów or those who have found suitable space, friendship or love here. The manager explained that they put their stamp on it.

In the intention of the organizers, the first edition of the festival, scheduled for September 3-5, will launch a series of annual events.

“Through the film and a coherently composed festival programme, which also refers to the promotion of eminent personalities related to Mościce and Tarnów, we want to create models in the performance of contemporary culture, inspire the development of creativity and shape the good tastes of contemporary culture audiences ”- Shamura added.

The program included two interviews with actors in Młodość Cinema. On Friday, September 3, a meeting with Jakob Zajic and the premiere of the film “My Wonderful Life” (directed by Łukasz Grzegorzek, 2021) is planned. On Saturday, the audience will meet with Kamel Kola and watch the Polish-Italian film “Translator” (directed by M. Natalie, 2016).

On Friday, at the Mościce cinema, the guests of Łukasz Maciejewski will be the artists Anna and Wilhelm Sasnal. After the meeting, viewers will watch their film “Huba” – “a picture in which Mościce and the factory are more than just a background for events, but a way to show the truth of man” – the organizers wrote.

In the Cosmos cinema, the cosmologist will discuss the father. the professor. Mickey Heller and director Krzysztof Zanussi. After the conversation, the film “Lighting” (directed by K. Zanussi, 1972) was shown.

In the “Memories” section, two important and distinguished personalities of the city will be called: historian, educator and social activist Anthony Sabek and Kazimierz Uga, the legendary founder of the Tarnow music scene in the 1960s.

In the festival’s ‘green zone’, in the vicinity of the Mościce Arts Center, Tomas Oleksi, European Champion and Vice World Champion in Climbing, will run climbing workshops. A football match will also be held between representatives of culture and media.

On Sunday, at the end of the festival, a concert “Osiedlowy Klub Samotnych” is scheduled, in which artists from Tarnów will perform songs of Agnieszka Osiecka. Grzegorz Gawlik is responsible for the script and direction of the show.