Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon wants to raise the European Union flag over Scottish government buildings despite Brexit and despite abandoned community structures. The star-studded community banner will replace … the flag of Great Britain!

The head of the Scottish government, Nicola Sturgeon, ordered that the European Union flag remain on government buildings, despite the fact that the United Kingdom, to which Scotland belongs, left the EU structures. The new regulations, which the head of SNP demanded to introduce, stipulate that the European Union flag should be flown with the Saltire, that is, the Scottish flag. What will happen to Union Jack next? Well, the UK flag will only be raised once a year, on Memorial Day, and it simply won’t be there every day.

A proposal for changes to this issue has already been made in the updated guidelines approved by the Prime Minister. Despite or even against Brexit, the Scottish government wants to raise the EU flag over government buildings for 364 days a year in 2021. Let us remember that it was previously built for only one day, that is, on May 9, to celebrate Europe Day .

Scotland is definitely moving to the European Union

It is not difficult to find the political motives for sturgeon in such behavior. On the one hand, Scotland strongly supports more membership in the European Union, and on the other hand – under the leadership of the Scottish National Party – it still wants to fight for secession from London and its independence.

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A Scottish government spokesperson commented: “The European Union flag is flying to reflect the overwhelming voice of the people of Scotland to remain in Europe and as a sign of solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of EU citizens who consider Scotland their home despite Brexit.”

EU flags will be flying over government buildings, not British buildings

As you can guess, the move by the Scottish authorities was immediately criticized by some British politicians and those in support of the country’s survival in the United Kingdom. Conservative MP Dean Lockhart noted that “Britain has left the European Union, so Nicolas Sturgeon’s personal decision to place the EU flag on Scottish government buildings is meaningless.”

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