Western prosperity the first show missing coffin Behind us, and while it hasn’t been without problems, the Asian MMO doesn’t seem to be slowing down after it released its hoof on February 11th. A few days after the premiere, many interesting mechanisms were discussed in the forums related to the game, and players exchanged ideas.

The discovery deserves special attention playerAnd Who has noticed that one of the ways to increase the damage is…spam in chat.

How will it help you to repeat the same message regularly in the chat? It’s all because of the topic Sight focus engraving (Eng. Focus sight engraving). This type of equipment provides rewards upon reaching level 50 in the game.

Another fun fact is that any message can be preceded by four exclamation points.

It can be any sentence – for example, “Believe!!!!” , “KAMEHAMEHAAAAA!!!!” , “I have the power of God and anime on my side!!!!”. Anything that comes to your mind may provide the people in the chat with a bunch of embarrassment.

Exclamation point mechanisms, no matter how fun they are, can cause some problems. After all, we don’t want the humorous “shouted” in the air to be the only sentences visible in the chat.

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