BLOCK will arrive in Plymouth in the spring of 2022 to provide an unparalleled workspace style while promoting community, luxury and collaboration. The new co-working project begins in April 2022 and includes office and co-working spaces, as well as a state-of-the-art gym, café/bar and luxury event space.

With its superb location in the 200-year-old Melville Building in the heart of historic Royal William Yard, BLOCK has created a center that companies can proudly name, in an environment that inspires creativity and productivity.

Emily Jones, Commercial Director of Urban Splash, who has overseen the evolution of the former Victory Square over the past 15 years, said: “Royal William Yard has been transformed from a derelict and abandoned former marine outpost into a thriving, award-winning multi-purpose destination. Melville is an iconic building, restored with care and skill, and we’ve always had a clear vision of its potential. BLOCK is an exciting new company and first Plymouth company. BLOCK’s arrival completes the picture We are now offering a place to every company in The Yard.

BLOCK Plymouth offers 30 specialty cell phones developed to high quality specifications. Diverse co-working spaces allow members to work flexibly in an elegant environment with plenty of opportunities for networking and collaboration. BLOCK co-working packages include 24-hour access, membership to the on-site gym, discounts at cafes and bars, free drinks, regular membership events, and many other benefits.

BLOCK is the vision of southwestern entrepreneur Ben Cheriton of Cheriton Group Ltd. “Creating a work culture is more important than ever,” says Ben. “I feel BLOCK supports businesses in achieving this goal – by putting well-being, communication and collaboration at the center of their workspace offerings. At BLOCK Plymouth we offer a hybrid that allows people to work the way they want to, not at home or work at home additionally. Space for collaboration, innovation and socialization is more important than ever, a cafe by day and a cocktail bar through at night, a place to enjoy what they can do, and more.Royal William Yard is a great location.We are so glad we could than creating a space that allows companies to think differently about how and where they do their work.”

BLOCK is also committed to providing a more sustainable, environmentally friendly and ethical work environment with strong core values ​​that are agreed upon and internalized by every member of the management team.

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30% of mobile offices are already registered by forward-thinking local businesses, and inquiries are currently being directed at offices and co-working spaces. Interested parties may contact Drew Mason, Head of Sales at [email protected] or visit website for more information.

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